How Nissan Is Driving Toward an Electric Future with Exciting Concepts

September 9th, 2022 by

Boy, how things have changed! In 2010 when Nissan introduced the Leaf – the first all-electric, zero-emissions car from a major manufacturer — it was seen as a novelty by many. Since then, EVs have moved into the mainstream, and Nissan plans a fully electric 15 EVs. The challenge that Nissan has accepted is to make EVs 40% of U.S. sales by 2030 and produce solid-state batteries by 2028. 

First up will be the 2023 Nissan Ariya, expected here at Schomp Nissan this fall. But there are some very intriguing EV concepts being floated by Nissan, which we hope ultimately will make it to full production as part of those 2030 plans! These concepts all have e-4ORCE all-wheel drive and proPilot driver-assistance technologies built-in,

According to reports, an electric small pickup truck – the “Surf-Out,” will be able to handle some off-road driving. Check out its interesting headlight and taillight configurations.

The “Max-Out” is proof that EVs can be sexy, too. It’s a roadster – convertible – and blessed with high performance because of its low stance and lightweight construction. It also has an innovative seat configuration that allows a seat to fold flat on the floor, providing cargo space, which is always in short supply in a two-seater. 

Nissan’s quirky Cube might not have appealed to everyone, but the virtue of a boxy body and lower floor is that there was lots of room inside. That idea is advanced with the Nissan “Hang-Out.” It has a low floor and more height, and inside, the seats can be configured multiple ways: think lounge or movie theater where you can hang out. Or, if you want a car, you can have that, too! 

The most conventional of the EV concepts that Nissan is tantalizing us with is the Nissan “Chill-Out,” which looks like a very streamlined crossover. Industry publications like Car and Driver and MotorTrend think it’s likely to be the first of this quartet produced – possibly as a replacement for the Nissan Leaf. 

The transition from gasoline-powered cars and trucks to hybrids and fully electric vehicles is moving fast, and Nissan will not be left behind with these compelling concept vehicles. We’re excited to be able to offer them – or production models similar to them – as they come to market, and to Schomp Nissan of Littleton, over the next few years.

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